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Legal & General reinstate Property Fund spread

Legal & General reinstate UK Property Fund’s spread

Financial news update that may affect your financial planning – On 7 July 2016 Legal & General advised that given the excellent conditions in the UK business property market, and with no arranged property buys in the close term, they have taken the choice to diminish the offer cost of their UK Property Fund. This diminished the offer spread to 0% for a restricted period.

Legal & General‘s fund had built up a hearty liquidity position before the EU submission, and they have said that they are satisfied to report that, having seen some business sector standardization and stable speculation streams, the Fund is presently nearing its pre-choice liquidity levels. This places the Fund in a sufficiently solid position to consider obtaining new resources, ought to the proper open doors emerge in what keeps on being an intriguing business sector.


What does this mean?

As a consequence of this, and in light of a legitimate concern for treating clients decently, Legal & General are reinstating the UK Property Fund’s offered/offer spread (right now roughly 5.7%) as at the valuation point on Monday 25 July 2016.

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Last updated: 29th July 2016

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